Off the beaten path - Running the South West Coast Path (2021)

Running 630 miles along the longest marked path in the England

This summer, from 10th June to 18th July,  Alex Ledger (MD of SkySchool) and I will attempt to run the South West Coast Path, England's longest National Trail. We aim to complete the 630-mile route in just over a month, starting in Minehead, Somerset on 10th June and finishing in Poole Harbour, Dorset hopefully around the 18th of July.

We will be driving a couple of campervans packed full of paramotors and other adventure sports equipment, allowing us to stop off to take advantage of whatever the weather throws at us.

Our aim is to raise funds for three charities whilst embarking on a homegrown adventure. We are raising money for the Brains Trust because George's friend is suffering from a brain tumour, SSAFA because we believe that the outdoors plays a key role in trauma recovery and The South West Coast Path who look after the path. 

Everyone is invited to get involved for some socially distanced adventuring, whether that's to run, fly or just to say hi. The only request is a donation to the charities we are raising money for.

To keep up to date with the project follow SkySchool or me on Instagram and also subscribe to the SkySchool YouTube Channel. To accompnay us on the trail, join this WhatsApp group.


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“Meet me there, where the sea meets the sky, lost but finally free.”
— Raynor Winn, authour of The Salt Path